Company profile

Strenometer A/S is a well-consolidated company located in Virum, approximately 15 km north of central Copenhagen, Denmark. We have extensive experience in testing solutions and a comprehensive and well-documented knowledge that has accumulated since the company was founded in 1952.
Our customers are mainly producing, developing, or consulting companies, based in Denmark. The customer base consists of both small, medium, and large enterprises ranging in size from one employee to thousands of employees.
The environment and climate are significant to us.
Even though Strenometer is well on in years, we are in continuous development, and for a long time we have had an increasing focus on climate and the environment. We are constantly engaged in reducing our footprint, and our suppliers are equally committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products and the packaging they use.
We also aim to help our customers choose the most climate-friendly solutions by providing them with instruments that will make them able to produce more durable and less polluting products by ensuring the right quality.
Regardless of the type of company you represent, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information on our measurement solutions.
We communicate in English and German.

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