Anti-corruption policy


Strenometer ApS confirms the company's commitment to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner and in full compliance with applicable laws. This policy was developed to ensure that the company and its employees are committed to fighting corruption in all its forms and to following the latest laws and standards.

Definition of corruption:

Corruption is defined as the misuse of entrusted public or private power for private gain. Corruption includes bribery, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, nepotism and favouritism, facilitation payments (kickbacks), and other similar actions.

Compliance with laws and regulations:

Strenometer ApS agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate. This includes national and international laws designed to fight corruption, such as the United Nations Convention against Corruption and local anti-corruption laws.

Prohibition of bribery:

We do not offer or accept bribes in any form. It is strictly against Company policy for employees to offer, give, or authorise bribes of any kind to obtain or retain business advantages. This applies to public officials as well as private customers, suppliers, and any other business relationship.

Third-party transactions:

We are committed to conducting our business activities with trusted third-party partners who share our values and commitment to ethical business practice. Prior to contracting with a third party, we shall conduct due diligence to reduce the risk of engaging with individuals or organizations in illegal activities.

Whistleblower protection:

Strenometer ApS encourages all employees to report any suspected violations of this anti-corruption policy. We ensure that all reports are treated confidentially and without fear of reprisals. A reporting mechanism, such as an anonymous whistleblowing hotline, will be available to employees who wish to report concerning behaviour.

Consequences of violation:

The manager does an annual course in anti-corruption. All employees are kept continuously informed about precautions against corruption, and the bookkeeping department checks that money used for corruption is not reimbursed in any way.

Any employee found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment. If an employee participates in corruption, it may also lead to legal consequences for both the employee and Strenometer ApS.

Education and awareness:

We ensure that all employees are familiar with this anti-corruption policy and comprehend its importance. All new employees will receive training in the company's ethical guidelines, and regular updates and reminders will be given to existing employees.

Revision of policy:

This policy is reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and reflects changes in legislation and the company's business practices.
Approved by the management of Strenometer ApS

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