Human rights

Human rights policy for Strenometer ApS.


Strenometer ApS is obliged to respect and protect human rights in all activities and decisions. This policy sets out our commitment to promote and support human rights in accordance with international standards and in line with best practices. We recognize our responsibility as a company to ensure that our business practices and activities do not contribute to violations of human rights.


We respect diversity and are committed to ensuring equal treatment of all employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or other factors. Discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated.

Labor rights:

We will protect workers' rights, including the right to freedom of association. We will contribute to abolishing forced labour, and we do not tolerate forced labour either within our business itself or within our supply chain. We comply with national laws and international standards relating to labour rights and working conditions.

Security and health:

Strenometer ApS will ensure a healthy and safe work environment for everyone, including all employees and stakeholders. We will follow relevant legislation and standards to minimize risks and to promote well-being in the workplace.

Child labour:

We do not accept the use of child labour in relation to any of our business activities, including in our supply chain. Together with our suppliers we will be engaged in identifying and eliminating child labour from our supply chain.

Supplier chain:

Strenometer ApS is committed to protecting human rights throughout our supply chain. We expect our suppliers to adhere to the same standards and values regarding human rights as we do.

Privacy and data protection:

We respect the right to privacy and are committed to protecting personal data in line with the applicable data protection legislation. All data will be treated securely and with confidentiality.

Education and awareness:

We will educate our employees and stakeholders on the importance of human rights and of this policy. Awareness-raising initiatives will be implemented to promote a business environment where respect for human rights is a priority.

Reporting and follow-up:

The management encourages employees, customers, and other stakeholders to report all concerns or violations of human rights.

This human rights policy represents our commitment to acting responsibly and respectfully on human rights. We will continuously assess and update the policy to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of human rights within our business and supply chain.

Approved by the management of Strenometer ApS


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